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This is full retail version not academic or student oem can use it forever have no time limite.comes only a dvd-r disk and all code needed,step by step installation instruction.

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adobe acrobat pro dc

the most spectacular new feature is Acrobat Pro DC's ability to add or edit text in a document's original font—even if document is a scanned image made from a book printed in an old hot-metal font that doesn't exist on any computer. In previous versions, you could add text to a PDF, but if you didn't have the correct digital fonts on your system, Acrobat substituted one of its own built-in fonts, and you couldn't make unobtrusive changes to scanned PDFs made from old books or magazines.

With the new version, you can edit or add text in a font that Acrobat constructs from the existing text in the PDF, even the uneven-looking text in a scanned image made from an old printed book. No other PDF or optical-character-reading software does anything remotely similar, and it makes it possible to repurpose old printed text in completely new ways. And further text-editing enhancements include the ability to add items to bulleted and numbered lists.