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autodesk maya 2020

Maya 2020 adds new tools that empower artists throughout the production pipeline. Whether you’re focused on animation, rigging, modeling, or effects, we’ve packed a lot into this release to help you work faster and without creative limits, including over 60 animation updates, new simulation features in Bifrost, and the latest version of Arnold with the option to render on both the GPU and CPU.

First introduced with Maya 2019, Cached Playback is a background process which drastically increases the speed of animation playback, enabling you to evaluate iterations of animation right in the viewport, rather than producing multiple playblasts. Maya 2020 further refines Cached Playback with support for dynamics, image planes, smooth mesh previews, and custom plugins, as well as a new Ghosting preview.

Layered dynamics caching separates background processing of dynamics and the core animation within a scene. With dynamics caching on a secondary layer, you can continue working and see simulations like cloth and muscles running in real-time as you animate.

Image planes are now cached the same way as animation through Cached Playback. If a scene has a sequence of images applied onto an image plane, rather than loading the images during playback, Maya now stores the images directly in the evaluation cache, allowing for much faster playback.

Using new Animation bookmarks, you can now mark, navigate through, and organize specific events in time as well as easily zoom into playback ranges in the Time Slider. You can select start and end frames and assign different colors to bookmarks to identify them. Hovering over a bookmark clearly highlights the time it occupies in the Time Slider and displays any notes you've created.