Electronics Workbench Multisim 10.0

by NI national instruments
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This is full retail version not academic or student oem version.you can use it forever have no time limite.comes only a dvd-r disk and all code needed,step by step installation instruction.

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Electronics Workbench Multisim 10.0

A new electronics design platform from the NI Electronics Workbench Group (formerly Electronics Workbench) marks a significant advance in the NI vision of tightly integrated design and test. The platform, comprised of NI Multisim 10.0, NI Ultiboard 10.0, and NI measurement technology including LabVIEW and SignalExpress, introduces several new professional design features including:
Advanced simulation tools and new microcontroller (MCU) cosimulation
Increased quality and breadth of the component database
Strengthened design community with industry partnerships
Increased performance and execution speed of Ultiboard

Advanced Simulation Tools

Multisim 10.0 introduces new interactive SPICE simulation features. With these new tools, you can create more sophisticated designs and achieve more realistic simulations for a variety of applications. New features include:
Convergence Assistant
Parameterized SPICE models
Improved support for behavioral sources
Initial conditions display on the schematic
Current probe instrument and advanced static probe functions
Enhanced analysis capabilities
Microcontroller (MCU) cosimulation with Multisim MCU Module

Increased Component Database Quality and Breadth

1,200+ new components from leading manufacturers, including Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, and Linear Technologies
Generic power simulation parts based on the Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook by Christophe Basso
New bipolar voltage and current sources
Graphical LCD (MCU module)
Single-symbol representations of standard logic components
Enhancements to passive components

Strengthened Design Community with Industry Partnerships

Dedicated to the design community, the NI Electronics Workbench Group provides not only cutting-edge design technology but also tools to assist professional designers in their everyday work including:
Multisim export to Mentor Graphics PADS

You can update the program, but after any update you have to patch the program again