mathematica 7 pc & mac

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This is full retail version not academic or student oem can use it forever have no time limite.comes only a dvd-r disk and all code needed,step by step installation instruction.

World wide shipment,you will get it within 8 working days.

mathematica 7 pc & mac

Mathematica 7 continues the momentum of innovation to deliver an array of new capabilities, greatly extending the state of the art in many areas, and bringing a dozen major new application fields into the integrated framework of Mathematica.

Built-In Image Processing & Analysis »

Introducing a new generation of industrial-strength image processing, built into Mathematica's integrated algorithm, programming, and interface platform...
Built-In Parallel Computing »
Take advantage of the latest multicore processors with Mathematica's new automatic parallel computing technology--seamlessly parallelizing your computations...
Visualization & Graphics
Automated Charting Graphics »
Algorithmic information visualization takes a major step forward by using Mathematica's symbolic architecture, flexible graphics, and automatic computational aesthetics...
New Graphics Primitives »
Tubes, rounded rectangles, and 3D arrows join the powerful primitives integrated into Mathematica's graphics system...
Vector & Field Visualization »
Create automatically optimized visualizations of vector fields and streamlines--for fluids, electrodynamics, and other fields...
Comprehensive Spline Support »
The world's most general splines, in any number of dimensions, fully integrated into computation and graphics...